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May 22, 2018
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Unforgettable Peru!

A G Adventures guided cultural and CME tour

Three things to know before you go: 1) The Inca Empire was the largest in the world in the early 16th century. 2) Its capital, Cusco, in the 100 km long Sacred Valley was the breadbasket of the empire and is the gateway to Machu Picchu. 3) Lima (pop 10 Million), the present capital, on the Pacific coast 1100 km to the north is home to some of the most celebrated food on the planet.

Now is the best time ever to visit this fascinating country. It's politically stable, safe and thriving. You can count on G Adventures to get you behind the scenes to experience the local culture as you never could on your own. Combine that with an outstanding CME program offered by Dr Kathryn Giles, the Cambridge ON doctor known for her extensive teaching skills in family practice and neurology and Dr Marla Shapiro, long time contributor to CTV's Canada AM. and it's a win-win.

The adventure begins in Lima and your first taste of this remarkable city. With a population of 10 million -- up from just 600,000 in 1940 -- clearly there's a lot to see and do. The city was founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535 and contains a plethora of cathedrals, municipal buildings and museums in the classic Spanish style. The population is a blend of European, Chinese, Japanese and indigenous people, which makes for an intriguing blend -- especially when it comes to food. In 1994 entrepreneur Gaston Acuro and his wife opened their first restaurant. The empire has now grown to 44 restaurants around the world. He's reinvented Peruvian food thanks, in part, to the phenomenal biodiversity of a country with dozens of sub-regions and microclimates stretching from the Pacific to snowy 21,000-foot peaks to Amazon jungles. You'll want to treat your taste buds often in this food-crazed metropolis. For a guide to some of the finest and most intriguing eateries in the capital go to here.

Tomorrow you fly out to Cusco, but don't worry, you'll be back in Lima for a day or two at the end of the adventure. Spend a day exploring the old Inca capital with the help of G Adventures' Chief Experience Officers (CEOs), The city of about 450,000 is the most popular tourist destination in the country with 1.2 million visitors a year. The stunning location at 3400 meters combines the remains of the Inca capital with buildings erected by the Spanishon on top of the old site. Be sure to take in Hatun Rumlyug. The most popular street in town offers a microcosm of city. Next stop, the nearby Sacred Valley where you'll explore the Ollantaytambo ruins with their massive terraces and fortress, the location of the Inca's last stand against the conquistadors. Marvel at the massive wall of six monoliths and let your imagination linger on happier times at the magnificent stone fountains and baths. Then its off to the less visited Pisac ruins and a buffet lunch at the Parwa community restaurant in Huchuy Qosco supported by G Adventyres. Later delight in the Woman's Weaving Co-operative. The highly skilled and good-humoured artisans are more than happy to share their splendid weaving skills and will even let you try your hand at it. For a preview of the colourful delights in stor here Next morning board a train for Aguas Calientes in the hills below Machu Picchu. Peru's most famous site is celebrated for its state of preservation and the astonishing craftsmanship of buildings, terraces and plazas. After a full exploration of the area it's back to Cusco for a little more time in this historic place. Then a flight back to Lima to round out the visit with final 36 hours where it all began. Take a city tour, pour over an archeological site or just relax and enjoy more of the fine cuisine -- a perfect a chance to savour a final “Jugo Especial” fruit juice or Pico Sour before tomorrow's flight home.

For more information about the many hours of CME presentations spotted throughout the visit and to book here

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