Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 16, 2021



Meet the neighbours

Drive a loop around Melbourne for beaches, bushwalks, and food and wine

I Prescribe a safari in...

A Saskatoon doc and his sons have near-death adventures on an African safari

Pillars of strength

Tour Spain's Castile and León and take in an ancient history that's still very much part of everyday life

The inside story

All the details on how to ditch hotels and find a holiday rental in France

All eyes on Italy

Make Sorrento your base for day trips around a peninsula that looks like a painting

Field focus

Zoom in on Flanders in northern Belgium as WWI turns 100

The Lautrec legacy

The alcoholic aristocrat Toulouse-Lautrec ruled Paris’ brothels, but he also called quiet Albi home

Marley and ski

Four pet-friendly properties in Mont-Tremblant plus everything you need to chew over before you pack up the pooch

On the prowl

Kenya’s Maasai Mara has the most savannah species in the world, but it’s the big cats that get the big looks

Size doesn’t matter

Anchovies are small, but they’re leaving more and more people satisfied

Spin doctors

The original Disney in California can still turn mere pixie dust into park magic

Orient yourself

Conquering Hong Kong isn’t an option, but a game plan will ensure you don’t lose your way

I Prescribe a Trip to Brazil

An FP from PEI finds peace deep in the world's largest wetland area

Living in the past

Nevis isn’t just beautiful — it’s one of the most authentic Caribbean islands you’ll ever visit

Hawaii's hole-in-one

My favourite time on Maui is just before sunset, when the sky turns tangerine and magenta, the birds ...