Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 16, 2021



Rome, sweet Rome

15 lesser-known reasons why Italy's grand capital continues to inspire and delight

A spin through Italy

An MD and his wife pack up their bikes for a trip through Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast

Hardy country

Few writers have woven the landscape so memorably into their works as the shy man from Dorset, England

City of angels

Two MDs and their kids surprise themselves by having a great time in Los Angeles

Wilderness revival

A new breed of Canadian lodges is bringing comfort to the backcountry

Close encounters in Churchill water

Make a date with Manitoba's sociable belugas

Captured in the Andes

It's a rocky road to the top for an FM and her husband on a trek in Peru

Hungary for more

15 reasons why Budapest is known as the Jewel of the Danube

The need for speed

An emergency physician revs up his adrenalin during a sportbike racing course in Las Vegas

Going overboard

Discover a cruise to Alaska that features glaciers, gold dust and more time off the ship than on

The roads that lead to Rome

Explore the Italian countryside that has lured emperors and urbanites for centuries

Glasgow's renaissance

The rediscovery of an architectural legacy has energized Scotland's forgotten city

Less-is-more Europe

Less expensive, less crowded, but no less charming, these lesser-known cities have plenty to offer

Hong Kong tang

The ex-colony's restaurants heat up with cutting-edge cuisine and Qing dynasty classics

BC's best on a snowcat

Blast through BC's best powder on a snowcat excursion in the Selkirks