Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 16, 2021



The other rockies

Leave it to Canadians to carve out affordable resorts in Colorado ski country

Republic of style

The Amber Coast's wild beaches and intimate hotels are changing the face of travel to the Dominican Republic

I prescribe a trip to Amazonia

An MD cosies up to piranhas and caimans while touring the Brazilian ranforest by houseboat

God bless the barbecue

We Canadians have long held on to our royal heritage, turning out in droves to greet the Queen ...

The new US border rules

The United States’ forthcoming rule requiring visitors by car to show their passports comes into force next summer, ...

The Australian brush

The latest wave to draw visitors to Sydney isn't surfing -- it's art

Hawaii Wild-O

Wicked waves, volcanic views and sleepy small towns seduce visitors to Maui

A different scale

An early morning excursion uncovers Tokyo's seamy underbelly -- tuna belly, that is

Desert culture

Phoenix and Scottsdale may look like Sodom and Gomorrah, but a hidden art scene blooms

Kids around Europe

10 reasons why you should pack the family for a trip to the old country

Reach for Skye

Known for its rugged mountains and fierce clans, Scotland's isle of mist is waiting to be discovered

Take me to Toledo

El Greco -- one of Spain's greatest painters had the city at his feel -- now you can too

Rent a villa 101

Want to rent a villa on your next getaway? Here's what you need to know

Conferencing USA: getting around

The easiest way to get around your favourite conference cities is also the greenest

Streets of San Francisco

In the past century, the City by the Bay has reinvented itself as much as it's held onto tradition