Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 17, 2021



Walk this way: Chicago

Walkability: Definitely a city to discover on foot. Though you will need to take transit to get between ...

I prescribe... a Paris apartment

Amélie's abode:Two GPs and their boys spy on their neighbours when they rent a flat in Montmartre

Tour of duty

Whether you’re in a war-torn region or a developing country, a medical mission abroad isn’t your average day on the job

5 ways to see our country through new eyes

Rhubarb Ginger Ice Cream

Pat Hacker of Slickers in Bloomfield, ON, offered up this yummy recipe. "Rhubarb ginger is a best-seller for ...

The view from here

Whether you head to the desert or the sea, to a ranch or a Northern isle, here are five ways to see our great country through new eyes

Sustainable in Saskatchewan

The residents of Craik, SK, are all about the environment and they’ve proven it with the Sustainable Living ...

T.O. docs: become top chefs

If you’re looking to hone your culinary skills, but don’t want to invest in a week-long cooking vacation, ...

Great Canuk beaches

Canadians may head to the palm-lined swaths of sand in the Caribbean during winter, but there’s no reason ...

The Metropolitan Opera at a theatre near you!

The sets are spectacular, the costumes stunning, the music and voices divine. For the third year running, the ...

Quick eats in 22 cities

Once upon a time, “fast food” had nothing to do with international chains and industrial-tasting burgers. It was ...

Drive-thru tested: ice coffee

Canadians love their coffee. It’s what we drink more of than any other beverage, according to the Canadian ...

Tea at the Empress

Victoria’s grande dame hosts a centennial year that shows off her best assets

We scream for ice cream

Give summer the cold shoulder on a tour of Ontario’s greatest ice-cream scoop shops

The mighty appealing Magdalens

Quebec's fish-hook shaped archipelago will reel you in hook, line and sinker