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December 8, 2021
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Ever so civilized

Step away from the tea bag! Life’s too short not to drink whole-leaf tea

Lovin’ spoonful Stainless-steel tea balls may be the traditional choice, but they’re hard to close and a drippy mess to remove. Not so with this polycarbonate and stainless INFUSER TEASPOON from kooky kitchen gadget-maker Tovolo. Its holes are small enough to stop most loose tea from seeping out, but most importantly it comes with a deep drip-catching stand so your saucer won’t become a puddle. $10. Available online at and


Designer drip The Gamila TEASTICK is the stylish answer to the tried-and-true pincer teaspoon infuser. A cylindrical scoop slides out of the perforated sleeve to spoon up loose tea before being pulled back into the sleeve. The Teastick can be used with small to medium-sized whole-leaf teas. And, while its holes are smaller than those on a traditional teaball, it may still let through some dust and fannings. $25. www.gamila Available in design stores or online at


The gold standard For purists, nothing tops the TF200 TEA INFUSER from Swiss Gold. This fine metal filter can handle teas that usually slip out and wind up sticking to your lips. Plated with 24-karat gold, the most neutral material for steeping tea, it’s more durable than a mesh filter, and its oversized proportions allow whole-leaf tea to move freely and release its bouquet. It can be used in a cup or a pot and is dishwasher safe. $10. Available online and in stores at Crate and Barrel.


Flower power Funky German-design company Koziol has come up with the unusual AUDREY TEA INFUSER. This colourful flower-shaped gizmo comes in two parts — the petals which fit on any cup and hold enough loose tea for a solo drinker; and the leaves which act as a tea strainer on which the petals rest when they’re not brewing. Guaranteed to cheer up a Monday morning. $17. Available online at and at design stores across the country.


Glass act For lovers of rolled green teas and blooming teas, the Bodum THÉ DE CHINE PERSONAL INFUSER MUG is the only way to go. The glass infuser is wide and deep, allowing teas to fully unfurl. Glass is a perfect neutral material that won’t affect the tea’s taste and allows you to enjoy the spectacle of hand-sewn tea blossoms. A snug-fitting lid helps retain heat and works as a coaster for the infuser. Also fits in teapots. $14.50. Available at kitchen stores and online at the

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