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October 18, 2021
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Make a hockey pilgrimage

These towns aren’t just any old exit on the highway — they’re all-star monuments

The next time you’re driving through central Alberta, make a stop in Viking. It's the home of the Sutters — those six brothers who collectively have played over 5000 games and snagged six Staley Cups.

Of course, the ultimate Canuck pilgrimage is to Brantford, ON, where Wayne Gretzky grew up. Take a drive along Varadi Avenue where the Great One lived. If you've been thinking a backyard rink is more trouble than it’s worth, a visit to Brantford may change your mind.

Then there’s Parry Sound, the birthplace of hockey’s greatest-ever defenseman, Bobby Orr. The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame makes for a trip down memory lane.

Windsor, NS claims to be the true birthplace of hockey, based on a reference in the 19th-century novel by Thomas Haliburton of boys playing "hurley” (hockey’s precursor) on the frozen waters of Long Pond. The pond is still there and kids still play on it. Then drive by the Stannus Street Rink, the country’s first arena.

At the other end of province, be inspired by hockey’s present with a visit to Cole Harbour, where Sid the Kid (Sidney Crosby) grew up.

And if all that isn't enough, head to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, where you'll see the original Stanley Cup, a replica of the Canadiens locker room, Sidney Crosby's golden puck from the 2010 Olympics, and more memorabilia and historic photos than you can shake a stick at.

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