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October 18, 2021
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Mouse trap?

For young children, Disney's magic
is still very real

Wide-eyed wonder
People say you should wait until your kids are old enough to remember before you go to Disneyland, but I strongly disagree. Last year, we went with our five- and two-year-olds -- ages when magic is real.

Our "brave" five-year-old son emerged from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride reassuring me (while tightly gripping my hand) that the pirates and prisoners on the ride were just actors, not real (in fact, they were mannequins!).

And both children nearly hyperventilated during the parade when Mary Poppins stopped by to say hello. There's nothing like the wonder of young children to show us the magic of holidays.

Not as good as a rest stop
After two great weeks in Florida, playing at the beach and visiting Walt Disney World, as well as other theme parks, our kids informed us that what they enjoyed the most about the trip was driving during the nights and stopping in rest areas!

The ultimate reward
Our son, who has Down's syndrome, was slow to grasp the concept of toilet training. At the age of five, he felt comfortable with his diapers and had no intention of changing. My wife and I exhausted every strategy we had used on our previous three children, but to no avail.

We spent many nights trying to encourage our son to "stand-up pee" like a big boy. We even tried a reward system, but our son showed little interest in the toy prizes we offered.

Finally, a friend suggested placing a large reward at stake for becoming toilet trained. After much consideration, my wife and I decided to dangle the greatest prize of all: Disney World.

To our amazement, we watched as our son took great pride and focus to communicate his bathroom needs to us. Within a month he mastered the big-boy bathroom technique! It was truly the magic of Disney!

I had never seen my son as elated and exicted as he was on the trip. Every morning he would wake the family at 6am to remind us that it was time to meet Mickey. This was followed by a ceremonious march to the bathroom!


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