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January 22, 2022
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Wet your whistle

Odds are if you make a cup of tea at work, you use an electric kettle. And if your office is like most, not much thought went into buying that kettle — if it could boil water, then that was the one for you. The fact that it might even be nice to look at was an undreamed-of bonus.

But consider for a moment, that the main ingredient in a cup of tea isn’t that lovely cream-infused Earl Grey you just bought, but rather, hot water. And that water — including all the chemicals used to treat it and the charming limescale buildup in your tap — has a direct impact on the taste of your tea.

Unless you like to steep your tea until it’s strong enough to stand a spoon in, you may want to enjoy the subtle fragrances of the blend you’re using. Consider using spring water or filtered water (from an activated carbon filter like Brita or Pur), which will reduce the taste of chlorine and allow the tea to stand out.

It’s also important to use neutral utensils that won’t alter the taste of the tea, and that means taking care in choosing your kettle and tea infuser.

The cordless IKON TEA KETTLE by Breville has an all-important scale filter which can be removed and washed — unusually rare on electric kettles, as it turns out.

The Ikon’s fast-boil 1500-watt heating element is concealed, which minimizes scale buildup and makes the inside of the kettle easy to clean. It has an auto shut-off mechanism that clicks off once the water has boiled, as well as boil-dry protection. It also boasts a drip-free spout, a soft-grip handle and an LED-illuminated water gauge.

Its sleek modern design has a brushed stainless steel finish and comes in either a standard 1.6-litre shape (shown here) or a jug-style 1.7-litre format. $75. Available at The Bay, Sears, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and many others.

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