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January 26, 2021
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Bake with Anna Olson

In Bake with Anna Olson, the Food Network Canada TV host begins with one simple question: “do you like to bake?” “Success,” she continues, “ stems from that simple ‘yes’.” For MDs that have answered in the affirmative, the author of seven bestselling cookbooks has more than 125 recipes in her latest publication. And, because Olson also thinks that “baking is about sharing” — and, in fact, the key motivator sometimes — we’ve selected three of her recipes for you and your holiday guests. The cookies and syrup cake are categorized as “simple” in the book; the trifle “sensational” or slightly more complex, that is, a recipe for special occasions.

Recipes and photos from Bake with Anna Olson (Appetite by Random House, 2016).

Recipes from the book