Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 21, 2021
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Bal's Quick and Healthy Indian

When Bal Arneson found out that many of her North American friends considered Indian food creamy, fattening and demanding to prepare, requiring a long list of spices and lots of time to cook, she wrote Everyday Indian. It was her first cookbook and it focused on the food she grew up with in her tiny village in Punjab, India: fruits, veggies, legumes and, herbs and spices from her family garden — cream and butter were luxuries and used only for special occasions. Ayurvedic practitioners said that her recipes reflected their ancient principles for disease prevention and rejuvenation, and the book became a Canadian bestseller. The Vancouverite’s second cookbook, Bal’s Quick and Healthy Indian (Whitecap Books) is devoted to easy recipes and more wholesome ingredients.

Recipes from the book