Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 23, 2021
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Fire it up

Maybe it's an instinctual response to a deep primal urge to cook things over an open flame, or just a connection to happy summer memories, but the smell of meats and vegetables cooking over hot coals is something we can't seem to do without when the weather warms.

In Fire it Up: More than 400 recipes for Grilling Everything (Chronicle Books 2011), Andrew Schloss and David Joachim will give you ideas that go well beyond beef and run the gamut from turkey, goose, duck and chicken to veal, lamb, pork and game meats, along with fish and seafood.

On top of the extensive recipes, the book lists several dozen spice rubs, marinades and sauces from which you can whip together a summer meal with flair and minimal fuss. Wow your weekend guests with these three unusual variations on summer grilling.

Recipes from the book