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October 23, 2021
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Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what makes a great grilled cheese? Restaurant owners Heidi Gibson and Nate Pollak think it’s the bread. Their go-to is from Pinkie’s Bakery in San Francisco, a pain au levain that’s a country-style French bread made with partial whole-wheat flour and natural fermentation. The bakery is a few blocks from their first American Grilled Cheese Kitchen restaurant, which opened in 2010; another larger facility opened in 2013, a third in 2015. In addition to the restaurants, Heidi has seven trophies from national grilled cheese competitions solidifying the couple as an authority on cheese. Their new cookbook, Grilled Cheese Kitchen, published by Chronicle Books, features 39 grilled cheese recipes, and an additional 40 for accompaniments and sides. It also includes tips on the best cheeses for sandwiches — semisoft and semihard — and grilling techniques. Our favourite sandwiches follow.

Recipes and photos from Grilled Cheese Kitchen: Bread and Cheese and Everything in Between (Chronicle Books, 2016).

Recipes from the book