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October 23, 2021
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Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavours

The co-owners of Palo Alto’s Evvia and San Francisco’s Kokkari opened their restaurants so they could have a “home away from home.” George and Judy, and Kenny and Angie wanted to share the dishes born in their yia yias’ kitchens — yia yias being Greek grandmothers — using fresh California ingredients and they wanted to do it with philoxenia, the ancient Hellenic custom of welcoming strangers as friends, in mind. They’ve succeeded. A quick Internet search of the San Fran resto’s name will prove it; hundreds of real-people reviews can’t be wrong.

What follows are our favorites from Kokkari the cookbook (Chronicle Books) co-written by the resto’s chef and food writer Janet Fletcher. Follow the recipe instructions to a tee and your dishes may just turn out like yia yia used to make.

Recipes from the book