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October 16, 2021
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New German Cooking

It’s hard not to think of weisswurst (and lederhosen… and oompah bands… and beer steins…) when you hear the words “German food,” but there’s more to the country’s cuisine than white Bavarian sausages. The north, along the border with Denmark, is dominated by seafood from the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic. Westphalia, or northwest-central, is known for its acorn-fed hogs used in making juniper-cured hams. The area around the Black Forest in the southwest is influenced by French cooking and the east by that of the Czech Republic and Poland. New German Cooking, published by Chronicle Books, is a beautiful intro to this delicious diversity. Compiled by chef Jeremy Nolen of Philly’s Brauhaus Schmitz, where his wife, Jessica, is the pastry chef, it features more than 100 recipes from bread and spreads to noodles and dumplings to desserts. Some of our favourites to help your through February are included here.

Recipes from the book