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September 23, 2021
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Niagara Cooks

The Niagara region is laden with produce. Its climate, influenced by Lake Ontario, and its soil make it the perfect place for the production of fruits and veggies (especially apricots, cherries, peaches and plums), which also makes the area the perfect place to start your summer. Yum.

To acquaint you with its agritourism, here are our “picks” from Lynn Ogryzlo’s Niagara Cooks, published by Epulum Books. In addition to dishes for every meal and season, and a harvest schedule, the cookbook discloses where to find the freshest produce — from farms and markets to roadside stands. Also, most of the recipes feature a grower and shares his or her story. Here, we introduce you to three who make it delicious to eat from farm to fork.

Recipes from the book