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October 16, 2021
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Pasta et Cetera

Josée di Stasio is a household name in her native Quebec. She’s a chef, the author of an award-winning cookbook and the host of TV’s à la di Stasio, which draws 500,000 Francophone viewers every week. If the dishes featured on her show are anything like the ones in the English translation of Pasta et Cetera, published by Transcontinental Books, it’s understandable why.

From antipasti and soups, to pasta, to desserts or dolci, all the dishes are ones she’s invented herself, or offshoots of others introduced by family, friends, even her guests.

Most impressive is that ingredient lists are, in general, short and instructions simple. It’s not often that a cookbook features page after page of recipes that could easily be made any night of the week that are also gorgeous enough for guests; exactly the kind of inspiration cooks crave during the holidays.

Recipes from the book