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September 21, 2021
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The Pleasures of Slow Food

If you grew up on this continent, chances are that you were introduced to fast food when you were a kid. Chances also are that you became fast friends. Now that you’re older and (supposedly) wiser, however, odds are that that Big Mac, nuggets and pie don’t digest quite as easily as they used to. Enter Slow Food.

Plainly put, Slow Food is anything that’s picked when ripe, cooked by hand, according to local traditions, and enjoyed among family and friends. Slow Food is also a movement that was born in Bra, Italy in the mid ’80s. Committed to eco-gastronomy, the connection between the planet and plate, it aims to catalogue and preserve animal breeds and crops from around the globe that are disappearing at the speed at which McDonald’s opens new outlets. It also aims to educate and encourage people to care about where their food comes from, and how and by whom it’s made. Its mission is working. There are currently 85,000 members of the movement in 132 countries worldwide.

Originally published in 2002, Corby Kummer’s The Pleasures of Slow Food, published by Chronicle Books, just came out in paperback this summer. In it the author discusses the history of the movement and introduces readers to artisans who are living by its principles. There are over 60 recipes; our favourites are here for you.

Recipes from the book