Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

December 9, 2019
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Simply Organic

Famished for food that’s been grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or antibiotics and hormones? Well, what’s a doc and family to do if their supermarket is awash with grapes and tomatoes that have been blanketed with chemicals so they don’t ripen during their travel? Answer: eat local organic produce that’s in season; buy canned, frozen or preserved organic produce in winter; and cop a copy of Jesse Ziff Cool’s Simply Organic, published by Chronicle Books.

A back-to-basics cookbook, it breaks down organics from the history of the term, to its environmental and health values, to eating 80/20 (eating organically 80 percent of the time). Its 150 recipes, however, are anything but basic. There are corn muffins (for Canucks in Ontario and Quebec where the fields of gold are plenty), bean and feta sandwiches (for folks in Manitoba), as well as chicken and peaches (lucky Ontarians). Below are our picks for your organic table.

Recipes from the book