Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 23, 2021
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When Annie Morris worked in advertising, her creative partner knew that she had to have her breakfast bowl and a strong cup of coffee before they could have a conversation in the morning. Annie’s fix of muesli, fruit and milk or yogurt gave her energy and made her happy.

Annie’s idea for Spoon Cereals — high-quality granola made with pure maple syrup — was born from her love of healthy breakfast bowls and a wish to help other hungry and grumpy commuters. She quit her job and, together with her now brother-in-law, opened London’s first cereal pop-up bar in 2013. Last fall, they released Spoon, published by Hardie Grant Books.

The cookbook features 50 out-of-the-ordinary, bowl-based breakfasts, many that can be pulled together during a hectic workweek. Birchers, like the one featured here, for example, are “overnight oats” that, yes, require advance thought, but can be made in jars for grab-and-go portability in the morning.

More healthy starts for 2017 follow, including a savoury porridge starring an all-time favourite: avocado!

Recipes and photos from Spoon: simple and nourishing breakfast bowls than can be enjoyed any time of day (Hardie Grant Books, 2016).

Recipes from the book