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July 24, 2021
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Turkish Fire

Chef and restaurant owner Sevtap Yüce was born in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. In her latest cookbook Turkish Fire, she reminisces about childhood road trips to freshwater springs. Her mother, father, sisters and brothers would load their big black-and-red Chevrolet with a gas burner, barbecue, plastic bottles for collecting water, blankets, plates, cutlery, meat, salads, tea and raki, and hit the road. On arrival, her father, who was from the small village of Çorum, would cook the meat while everyone else chopped tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and parsley into bite-sized pieces, and made tea with the fresh spring water. So began Yüce’s relationship with food — food, that she says, never tasted as good again. Today, married and living in Australia, Sevtap wants to show readers how to eat their way through slightly busier modern days, with traditional street-style dishes for your own family, big or small. These are some favourites.

Recipes and photos from Turkish Fire: Street Food and Barbecue from the Wild Heart of Turkey (Hardie Grant Books, 2015).

Recipes from the book