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September 23, 2021
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Turquoise: A Chef's Travels in Turkey

Now is the perfect time to discover Turkey — no, not the bird, the country. Istanbul is all the rage right now (there are even a handful of medical meetings scheduled there in the first half of 2009), and its cuisine has been experiencing a renaissance, thanks to chefs who have been introducing Istanbullus to their country’s farther-flung food traditions.

Another reason it’s time for Turkish? Eating is about enjoying the essence of an ingredient, rather than drowning it in a fancy sauce. This is not to say that fresh herbs and spices aren’t used. They are, but thoughtfully. All of this leads to dishes that are pleasingly unfussy (read: simple!) and great for the holidays. After all, who wants to be held “holiday” hostage in the kitchen, when all your guests are in the living room?

Here are our party picks from Greg and Lucy Malouf’s Turquoise: A Chef’s Travels in Turkey, published by Chronicle Books, so cooks can enjoy the magic and merriment of the season — minus the stress!

Recipes from the book