Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 19, 2019



Multi-vegetable paella

Burst into spring with this colourful vegetable main

Avocado, quinoa and fava bean salad

A colourful recipe that put freshness front and center


Barley with nuts and dried fruit

Crunchy with almonds and pine nuts, this casserole is perfect alongside baked ham or turkey.

Heirloom Tomato, Summer Peach and Fresh Herb Gazpacho Salad

Tomatoes and peaches taste great together, with the sweetness of the peach balancing the acidity of the tomato. I call this a gazpacho salad because you can roughly purée any leftovers in a blender and chill for a delicious gazpacho.

Corn, edamame and jicama slaw

This Mexican-inspired recipe adds mint to this terrific combo of sweet corn, jicama, and edamame

Bocconcini and oregano salad

The perfect quinoa salad that's nutrient-dense and low in fat

Smashed beets with greens, goat cheese and garlic chips

The beauty of beets is not apparent when they’re boiled into tasteless submission. But if they’re cooked in ...

Spinach with raisins and pine nuts (Espinacas con pasas y piñones)

Any time raisins and pine nuts are in a Spanish recipe, you can be sure its origins are ...

Asparagus and anchovy rice salad

If you don’t like asparagus, you can substitute 1 cup (250 ml) cooked peas. 3 c. (750 ml) ...

Potato and egg salad with seven-herb sauce

(Frankfurter grüne soße) This green sauce can be spooned over whatever you like, but traditionally it’s enjoyed with ...

Green olive, walnut and pomegranate salad

A stunning salad from southeast Turkey where all the ingredients grow in abundance. The balance of salty, sweet ...