Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 17, 2022


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The aggregators

A notable trend in medical apps is to aggregate several useful resources in a single application. Two of the better ones are offered by Skyscape (

The new Omnio app, currently only available on iPads, is billed as an electronic black bag to hold all of your “must haves.”

The free app contains extensive drug information, a bank of medical calculators, a symptom checker, a recently updated reference checker as well as medical alerts as they’re announced.

Keeping up with the latest medical news can be as fast or as leisurely as you like with this app. When you first download Omnio, you tailor your news feed to present summaries and links to only your preferred journals and sources. After that, it’s easy to scroll and easy on the eyes.

Omnio is rated 4+ by users in the iTunes app store. Recent comments: “wonderful app that [brought] me up-to-date, keen for learning and gave me quick access to the answers I need in daily practice.” Another writes “the retrieved information is current, well organized and clinically relevant.” The app comes with an excellent demo set up for a cardiologist making for an easy learning curve. Available in English.

Skyscape Medical Resources (SMR) is also free but more widely available on Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices. Plus, it comes with Archimedes: hundreds of definitions, charts, tables, tools and references from “A-a-gradient” to “X-ray rules (Ottawa knee).” Outlines in clinical medicine are well-organized and comprehensive with drop-down menus to access what amounts to a medical encyclopedia of additional material. A complete A-Z drug list includes classes and a drug-interaction analyzer based on data from Hansten and Horn’s Top 100 Drug Interactions.

SMR receives a 4.5 rating from iTunes users. Says one: “I use this for most drug-related questions;” another recommends it for nurse practitioners as well as physicians. English only.

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