Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 17, 2022
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The heat is on

Cone of power

After a huge hit with their colourful table-top charcoal grill, Bodum has now revamped a '60s-era cone BBQ. Designed for small patios and balconies, the FYRKAT screams style. But it's as far from one of those SUV-sized super grills as you can get — the total cooking surface is around 14" in diameter. The deep cone shape allows you to have better air flow, and it has a two-tiered rack like a regular gas BBQ — which is unusual for a charcoal model. The lower grill can be swapped out for the battery-powered rotisserie (though, obviously, we're talking a small bird). The grills are stainless steel, the handles are heat-resistant silicone. Comes in red, orange, lime and black. Table-top model $59.99 at Cone model $179 at or

Flat out perfect

If you've never tried putting a pizza on the barbecue, try it: it adds a rich smokey flavour you won't get in a regular oven. If this becomes popular at your house, you'll want to get a PIZZA PEEL to make sure your toppings don't wind up all over the bottom of the briquettes when you move the pie on or off. Ironwood Gourmet is known for its beautiful kitchen ware made from environmentally-friendly and renewable woods. Their sleek and simple acacia wood pizza peel has a bevelled edge to easily slide under the crust. $29.95 at

For the birds

If you're a fan of beer-can chicken, you don't have to be around the campfire to get one going. The Weber 6408 POULTRY ROASTER offers a snazzier version that fits in your barbecue. This two piece model has a non-stick cone set over a pan. It's easy to clean, allows you to flavour the chicken with wine or other flavourful liquids and spices you pour in the pan, and most importantly – the design ensures that it won't tip over during cooking and that you can easily slide the bird onto a plate. $49 at

Stick with it

After years of advising home cooks to ladder their kebabs over two skewers to get better results, grill master Elizabeth Karmel has come out with her own stainless steel DOUBLE KABOB SKEWERS. These allow you to more securely spear the meat and veggies so they don't fall off. Because they're held on two prongs, the pieces of meat tend to lie flat and cook more evenly, and most importantly they don't spin individually when it comes time to flip them, so you get more even results. They come with a built-in pusher to help you get the food off the skewer. Set of four, $23.99 at

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