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December 6, 2021
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Eagle eyes

How many holidays can you remember where you wished you were carrying binoculars? That first lazy morning in the Caribbean, seeing distant yachts from the balcony of your hotel room? How about all those times hiking and catching glimpses of distant creatures or hearing sounds that could have been some kind of a woodpecker — or maybe nor?

Enter the Raven, aka the RV-826 by Carson Optical. It's compact, lightweight and costs $80. And the best part, $80 buys you the kind of superior field glasses usually reserved for the $200 range.

In the world of binoculars, the basic rule is the more you pay, the sharper the image. That's not entirely so with the Raven; these bins provide a high quality image at a mid-range cost.

They’re fairly powerful at 8 x 26 millimetres. For those of you who’ve never purchased binoculars, this means they provide a magnification of eight times, which is probably the highest you’ll want in a handheld. More than nine and you’ll need a tripod to steady them.

The second number refers to the objective diameter (the size of the front lenses in millimetres). Divide the objective lens by your magnification, and you get the bin’s exit pupil. In the Raven’s case, a 26 objective lens is best for daytime when there’s good ambient light, though useless at dusk and at night. If you to do your viewing in the evenings, consider larger, heavier and less compact bins.

The Raven measures 11.5 x 10.75 x 3.75-centimetres, weighs only 275 grams — in other words, ideal on long hikes or exploratory city missions. The lenses are fully multi-coated.

They’re also easy to use. While you can maneuver the focus wheel with one finger, diopter adjustments are a little stiff, but that’s mainly because of the rubberized outer grips and waterproof seals.

Oh... did we mention they’re waterproof? That’s right, the next time you get caught in a soaker at the ballpark or out hiking in the middle of nowhere — don’t worry. Just enjoy the view.

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  1. On October 26, 2010, Ana R Cartagena said:
    I am intrested in buying this binoculars, where can I get the telephone number to order them? Thanks, Ana

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