Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 28, 2021
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Body strategy

Tour de basement

According to a 2007 survey by Consumer Reports, 37 percent of the magazine’s subscribers didn’t use their home exercise equipment as frequently as they expected. All the more reason not to invest too much on a home gym. The Blackburn Track Stand Mag and Track Stand Fluid bicycle trainers convert your bike into an indoor trainer that you can use all winter. The Mag ($230) offers three levels of magnetic resistance you adjust either on the unit or on your handlebars and the Fluid’s ($354) resistance increases as your speed accelerates, giving you a slightly more realistic feel while you’re pedalling. Go to Outdoor Gear Canada’s website,, and click on “Consumer’s Site.”

Step in the right direction

There’s a reason why pedometers are considered the greatest thing since ParticipACTION. They’re an easy way to stay healthy. The Omron HJ-112 was the top-scorer in a December 2008 Consumer Reports test for accuracy at both walking and running speeds. It can be kept in a pocket or purse or worn on the waist; it tracks steps, distance, calories and aerobic steps (running steps). And it has a seven-day memory. It’s silent, extremely affordable but somewhat larger than other pedometers. $50. Go to and search “pedometer.”

Wish upon a spa

If you’re one of those people whose lower back, hips and knees could benefit from a massage therapist living in your house, consider the TravelRoller from FitterFirst. It’s a 13”-long, 3”-wide hollow tube surrounded by a soft foam that you (and your back and hips) roll on to create the effects of really good massage. It fits into the back of your neck or the bottom of your foot. Unlike some massage therapists, you can roll just the right spot. $44.95, or $69.95 as part of a kit with acupressure balls and an instructional DVD.

Make water work for you

Maybe you live in a condo with a pool or maybe you just spend a lot of time driving kids to and from swimming lessons. Then this is the year to rediscover the strengthening and cardiovascular benefits of H2O. Aqua Fins and Bells aren’t just for people who absolutely need low-impact exercise, but for anyone wanting to augment their resistance training. Together, the fins and bells make for a complete upper and lower body workout which can be had at 20 minutes a day, three times a week. The bells are $70 (with a choice of three resistance levels), the fins are $60. Purchase by phone through the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance. (888) 751-9823;

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