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October 28, 2021
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Clinical games that make it fun to disagree

Introduced this January, the Prognosis suite consists of nine applications of clinical games. The games present a series of complex clinical cases that you’re invited to investigate, diagnose and manage. Each one takes a few minutes to complete; you’re then rated on how well you’ve done, from poor to satisfactory to excellent. This is followed by an analysis and an expert explanation that can be quite useful. There’s also an opportunity to comment on the case and to read comments posted by others. For example, “Sparkly,” one of the cases in the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app, is discovered to be suffering from a migraine.

By early March, 21 physicians from all over the world had commented on Sparkly’s case. Lisa K wrote: “One of the cardinal symptoms of a true migraine is unilateral pain, making this presentation more consistent with a simple headache or a pre-migraine, which may localize to one side and evolve into a classic migraine.” Juan asked: “Why not a CT scan?” Another commentator agreed: “A CT is non-invasive and relatively inexpensive. Using drugs when an infarction can cause the same symptoms is bad medicine.”

The cases are fun and, clearly, the results not always without disagreement. You might take a few minutes to play here and there when you need a short break, and fancy a clinical challenge and an opportunity to update your skills.

Each Prognosis app includes a number of cases from about 20, in the case of cardiology, to as many as 180 found in the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis. If you enjoy it, an invitation to your friends to play is only a click away.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis
by Medical Joyworks
Other game titles in the suite: Cardiology, Diabetes, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Respiratory, Rheumatology and STDs
Devices: iPhone and iPad, Android
Cost: free

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