Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 27, 2021
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Conferencing made comfortable

For old-school docs

Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? Consider getting your hands on a PenAgain. An alternative to the ballpoint, which requires a firm grip and firm pressure to properly write, the rocket-shaped PenAgain works via its ergonomic index-finger cradle that “draws on” the natural weight of your hand to put ink to paper. Force really isn’t required — after all, you’re to hold the pen almost upright, with your index finger just sort of resting in the wishbone or “Y” — so your hand won’t cramp as quickly, if at all. Learning anything new requires time, but the curve is fast, especially if you watch their online “How-to” video first. We preferred the heavier ErgoSleek, which comes with a couple of refills and a stand, over the ErgoSof (it isn’t that soft). There’s also a kid pencil version — the Twist ‘n Write — that promises to prevent the “caveman grip” among kids with weak or underdeveloped motor skills. Twist ´n Write $4.95; ErgoSof $5.95; ErgoSleek $24.95. (604) 736-6444;

For new-school docs

You’ve got a lot of info on that USB stick and you don’t want to share all of it with the world. It’s no wonder then that you freak out just a little every time you think you’ve lost it. Enter the Lok-It Secure Flash Drive in which authentication and encryption are done on the drive itself; read: no software and no communication with a computer, making it impenetrable to hackers and password sniffers. What’s more, its internal components are coated with an epoxy resin and it was designed to meet IP57 (International Protection Rating) for dust and water resistance. A memory stick made for MacGyver has got to be good enough for an MD. While a tester didn’t arrive in time, the Lok-It appears easy to use: you simply enter your seven to 15-digit password via the PIN-pad, wait for the green light indicating that the stick has been unlocked, then insert it into your computer. It locks automatically when removed. Compatible with any operating system. 4GB US$61.99; 8GB US$83.99; 16GB US$138.99. Available in August through

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