Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 22, 2022
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The doctor’s “got a brand new bag!”

A stylish leather and canvas tote

I like bags and I know I’m not alone. We all have stuff we have to carry around with us and we need something to put it all in. What we choose to do that in has a lot to say about the kind of person we are.

Case in point: I was at the mall in the week between Christmas and New Year’s along with millions of other Canadians. I’d lost a glove and needed a new pair (though there may be a business in selling single lefts or rights). I know I’m not alone in this. Single gloves start showing up on our streets in surprising numbers as soon as the weather turns cold. Nothing is quite so lonely, or of so little use, as half a pair of gloves.

Though most of the winter was yet to come, store after store was already out of stock. To revive my spirits and warm my digits, I ducked into a coffee shop and ordered a hot soup to go. While I waited for my order, I noticed two big guys enjoying an early lunch. They were impeccably dressed and on the table beside each of them was the latest iPhone and a fine pair of leather gloves. Just as my order was ready, the guys got up to leave, carefully storing phones and gloves in beautifully crafted briefcases. I envied their elegance — not to mention their warm hands — and had a quick conversation with them at the door. Turned out they were pro-basketball players out of Texas. Man, they had style.

After the encounter, my search continued at a higher level. I ditched the idea of a pair of serviceable running gloves and, two stores later, allowed myself to be seduced by the only rack of men’s gloves in buttery leather at about twice what I’d planned to pay. I bought a pair, of course, and driving home, my mind drifted back to those well-turned-out gents and their beautiful bags.

The large leather and canvas bag on offer as the January Gadget of the Month has several things going for it. It’s handsome; roomy enough to use for an overnighter; has straps so you can wear it as a backpack and it’s uncomplicated with only a few pockets. On the outside there are just two: one for gloves and one for a phone. Perfect. It measures 40 x 12 x 32 centimetres. US$79.99.


Win this bag by entering the Win the Gadget of the Month contest here.

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  1. On January 18, 2017, Mark Hawkins said:
    I my life long quest for the perfect backpack. I like the fact that it canvas hence not too heavy durable roomy and inexpensive!
  2. On January 18, 2017, Narmin Ibrahim said:
    I like this bag so much, I will be thrilled if I win it.
  3. On January 18, 2017, AMAR SINGH M.D. said:
    I travel a lot and am an avid photograper and this bag look ideal for my gear and essentials
  4. On January 19, 2017, ROBERT TURGEON md said:
    A very nice bag with all the handy pockets. It would be very nice to win it to put put all my necessities during my numerous trips.
  5. On January 27, 2017, Dominique Babin-Muise said:
    I love the look and functionality of this bag!
  6. On January 29, 2017, Karen Packer said:
    Esthetically pleasing but also very functional!
  7. On February 15, 2017, Gilda Bowdridge said:
    I walk and travel a lot. It looks amazing!

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