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January 27, 2022
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Floodlights on security

Lee Valley's Smart-Sensor Outdoor LED Lighting

About a year ago there was a break-in at a neighbours down the street. I was tasked with putting up security lights. The plan was to put one over our garage, another near the front door and a couple on the rear corners of the house that would come on if anyone breeched the back garden.

I found what I needed at the local hardware store. Conventional motion-detection lights sell for about $30, take two bulbs ($8) and are easily mounted except for one thing — wiring them up. I was able to run a line from the garage and another from the light at the front door, but the back lights were a challenge. I had to call an electrician who did the job in less than two hours for $166.

How much easier it would have been had I known about Smart-Sensor Outdoor LED Lighting. The battery-operated units do not need wiring and — the best feature — they communicate with each other. If anything comes within nine metres of one, a radio transmitter turns on a bright 200-lumen floodlight in all of the others that are within a 46-metre range. You can add additional lights at any time up to a total of 50. A network of that many would illuminate an area of 697 square metres, says the manufacturer. It’s not clear to me why anyone would want to do this, but if you did, it would certainly alert anyone in the vicinity that something untoward was going on.

Each unit runs for 3000 activations on three D batteries. To conserve power, they shut off if no motion is detected for 30 seconds. A sensor prevents them from coming on in daylight.

The weatherproof fixtures stand about 17 centimetres tall. An easily screwed in mount allows the beam to be rotated to shine where it’s needed. The lights are sold in pairs and I’ve ordered a set to attach to the back fence as a kind of distant early-warning system. I’m hoping for better luck than my Australian father-in-law had when he installed outdoor lights and a burglar alarm at his townhouse outside Brisbane. The first night it was up, he and his wife were woken at 3am by a siren and a blaze of lights only to find a kangaroo calmly grazing on the front lawn.

Smart-Sensor LEDs, package of two, $89.50, batteries not included.

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  1. On September 21, 2015, Lori Fischer said:
    I am interested in finding out how bright you found the smart sensor lights. I know they are 200 lumens but it seems an important part if the review if the item to be omitted. Thank you.

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