Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 18, 2021
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Best MD Apps:

A free telemedicine app for MDs and patients

With an easy online doctor/patient communication has arrived both on computer and now with an Apple app for mobile devices. An Android version on devices that use Chrome or Firefox is also available., a free telemedicine site, launched an app in June that provides an easy and simple way to meet with your patients remotely. To use it, you simply share your URL with a patient (for example, and that’s all there is to it — no download or log in needed. The patient signs into a customizable waiting room to your practice and you join them there. The 2P2 encrypted app also has a queue and chat capabilities to allow you to handle several patients at once. All 13 users, both physicians and patients, who have ranked Doxy on the Apple site have given it five stars. ranks it as one of the best apps launched so far in 2015.

Users are enthusiastic. A physician using the app for the first time comments: “Wow! Just did my first visit with a patient and it worked great. They were at home on their iPad and I was at my office on my iPhone.… This will change the way care is delivered globally.”

Another reviewer concurs: “ bridges the gab between medical providers and patients…. Time and location are no longer a blocker to getting advice or diagnosis from medical professionals.”

Writes an ER administrator: “Been working with on our emergency room readmission reduction program and patients have adopted to it well as have ER staff.”

The app was developed by Brandon Welch who invites healthcare providers to try it with this message on the website: “(… is specifically designed to fit your clinical workflow. You'll appreciate its simplicity and versatility, you also can't beat the price!” by Brandon Welch
Devices: iPhone, iPads that support iOS 6 or newer
Cost: Free

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