Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

December 6, 2021
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Inventive or idiotic? You decide

Grow your own

If you’re a believer in the benefits of Slow Food, then your 21st-century kitchen is pretty much no-tech. And these stackable herb and edible flower pots from Lee Valley Tools are light years ahead of aeroponic plug-ins. The set measures 13” across and 16” high, it can stand or hang and grows nine varieties. $34.50. (800) 267-8767;

Dubious unitasker #2

From wine gadget makers Vacu Vin comes a unique Pineapple Slicer. It’s not like you’d use this everyday, but it peels, cores and slices a fresh fruit in just 30 seconds. A time saver, especially if you have a favourite pineapple recipe. The one thing that is always a pain is peeling that tough-skinned spiny fruit, right? $26.75.

Every milk but the cow’s

No, it’s not a kettle, it’s the next best thing since the yogurt maker. Soyabella claims it can make soy, rice and almond milk in 15 minutes. It can also grind coffee and make pea soup! $179.95.

Silly about silicone

The phrase “fold and tuck” probably evokes a lot of images for you — and not one of them features a roasting pan. Well, thanks to FoldTuk Kitchenware, you may soon be envisioning roast chicken and potatoes and not nasty cosmetic procedures when you hear those words. Made of silicone, the roasting “pan” folds down to plate size for storage (3” high) and can withstand oven temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). US$80.

Dubious unitasker #1

Besides taking up drawer space, the GarlicZoom does only one thing well — it keeps your hands from smelling. You’ll still have to peel the garlic and can only zoom one clove at a time. The XL model can apparently dice more cloves in one go. $13.99 ($19.99 for the XL) in stores and online at

Muscle cup

There’s nothing like a good shot of espresso first thing in the morning. Why not work the triceps while you’re at it? To use this hand-powered espresso maker, you put on a kettle, measure your coffee, pour the water into the Presso and get pumping. Gives new meaning to the words “strong coffee.” But a stovetop Bialetti might be more practical. $160.

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