Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022
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Weighty matters

An appetite for science

If you always find yourself reading a food’s nutritional information in stores, you’ll love this. The PERFECT PORTIONS NUTRITIONAL SCALE from Lee Valley Tools is a scale and calculator in one. It’s small, slender and always honest with you. The digital nutritional box displays calories, fat calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, fibre, sugar and protein. It functions in ounces and grams. Its nutritional box comes with 2000 foods programmed into its thin little brain, and there’s an option to add more. It can work in weight, percentage and, best of all, it can track your daily totals in each category — talk about taking the guess work out of reducing certain nutrients. Best of all it's easy to use, and comes with a small laminated code booklet and a durable glass top. The scale measures 9.25" by 6" and is less than an inch thick, so it fits perfectly in a drawer or slotted next to your cookbooks. Two AA batteries included. $49.50. (800) 267-8767; [AS]

Feather weight

Passionate cooks know that baking is all about chemistry. Change key ingredients by just a pinch and you won't get that perfect texture or the maximum fluffiness for your efforts. Most kitchen scales aren't geared to measure tiny quantities like spices or baking powder, and especially with fine powdery spices, it's easy to overpack a tablespoon. What you need is a measuring spoon that weighs ingredients, and luckily there is just such a gizmo. The Admetior SPOON SCALE will satisfy the most exacting bakers. It's accurate from a tenth of a gram up to 300 grams (and also works in ounces). It comes with two different spoon attachments: a 3-tablespoon scoop and a 1½-tablespoon scoop that's narrow enough to fit in a spice jar. So from now on, if your pastry isn't as flaky as that picture in the recipe book, you've got only yourself to blame. One long-life lithium battery included. Available in blue, red and black. US$29. [SL]

A matter of conversion

If you're a fan of European cookbooks, you've run into this problem: fabulous recipes with measurements you can't quite figure out. How much is 200 grams of flour anyway? Sure, you can ballpark it, but who knows how that will turn out. The Taylor DIGITAL MEASURING CUP AND SCALE is a perfect kitchen partner. It can be used to measure or digitally weigh food or liquids and at the push of a button, units can be converted to suit any recipe, whether it's in millilitres, cups, fluid ounces, grams and pounds. The cup even automatically converts five preset ingredients — flour, sugar, milk, water and oil — from ounces (weight) to cups (volume). And it's tare function allows you to add and weigh individual items without removing what's already in the cup. Best of all it saves space by letting you skip the kitchen scale entirely. One long-life lithium battery included. $30. [SL]

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