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October 20, 2021

The Scrubba contains a collapsible washboard to wash your clothes on the go.

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Don't cramp your camping style

The world's smallest washing machine

The Scrubba is a waterproof bag with a flexible washboard inside. Pop in your socks, sweaty T-shirt and underwear, add water and not too much detergent and start “scrubbing” — or rather, kneed the bag for a few minutes. Okay, make it 10 minutes if that sweaty T-shirt is in there. Draining and rinsing is fast and the exterior of the bag stays dry right through the “wring” cycle. It’ll work better than a hotel sink and is great on any type of trip. $59. At Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Carry on camping

The Seattle Sports Pocket Bucket is tiny in your pack. Unfold it and the collapsible bucket lets you haul up to 12 litres of water — that’s about enough to fill two small pots and then do the washing up. It’s made of PVC-free urethane-coated nylon. $15. At Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Stove on the go

You could literally carry the Esbit Pocket Stove in your pocket — it folds to 10 x 8 x 1.9 centimetres. It may be the only kitchen you’ll need on a long day hike. Made of rust-resistant galvanized steel, it can hold a metal cup or small pot. Best of all, it’s not flimsy (and it’s actually made in Germany) and so is unlikely to lose its screws or otherwise collapse after your first day using it. Six waterproof fuel pellets come with the kit. Each burns about 12 minutes: enough time to boil a small pot of water. $11.50. Refills of 12 pellets, $6.75. At Lee Valley Tools.

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