Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 25, 2021
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Patient perfect

Here are five noteworthy apps that make for healthier and safer patients.

Carrot Fit

You enter your weight which is tracked on a graph and if your progress is less than anticipated, an irritating robotic female voice berates you and throws insults your way. US$1.99. Apple, Android to come.


Developed by dieticians, Weilos provides a good set of meal and fitness trackers. What makes this one stand out is a visual food log to store photos of meals and the option to take selfies that compare your body shape as you change from flabby to fit. Obviously you can share the results with the Weilos community if you wish. A coaching function that came with a monthly charge has been dropped. Free. Apple, Android to come.

Smoke Free

This is an interesting one that focuses on the benefits of life without cigarettes. It tells you how much money you’ve saved since you’ve given up and also shows how your body is regenerating now that the evil contaminate has been banished. US$3.99. Apple.

First Aid

Developed by the Canadian Red Cross, this app contains everything you’d expect -- from treating head injuries to cuts and bruises – and then some. Videos show the best practices in emergencies like poisoning, seizures, choking or hypothermia. Another section provides lists of how to prepare yourself and react in the event of a hurricane, winter storm, earthquake, fire, flood or volcanic eruption. The app run offline so you can even access the videos if and when they’re needed – no Internet necessary. Free. Apple, Android.


This symptom checker is developed by Dr Oz’s Sharecare company. It’s something you might prefer a patients with a tendency to hypochondria not to use. On the other hand, it could save time in getting to a better informed diagnosis. Patients are quizzed on a variety of possibly symptoms and possible causes are suggested. When they arrive in your examination room they may be ready to help with the cure. Free. Apple, Android to come.

This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question.


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  1. On June 3, 2014, Amy Dobek said:
    Are you KIDDING ME???? I am utterly flabbergasted that you think an app which shames people for their body weight is something to be lauded - and promoted!! You have lost the last shred of logic in your ever-lovin' minds. If body shame worked as a weight loss device, I would have lost every extra ounce I ever had in sixth grade where the insults came at me like machine-gun fire. You have not only missed the Caribbean cruise on this one, you hopped on the Titanic headed to the icy north seas. I hope you get off before the damned thing sinks. This is the most bone-headed suggestion I've heard in YEARS. Please - PLEASE! - rethink your support for this horrible app!!

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