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October 18, 2021
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The power of one

No one’s surprised anymore when the power goes out for a lengthy period of time. You may be worried and certainly annoyed. But not surprised. With each outage, you add another item to your disaster preparedness list: not just candles but a box full of them. Not just flashlights, but flashlights that work and all stored in the same place.

The Eton Axis Emergency Radio may make stocking up for the next perfect storm a lot easier. It doesn’t look like the coolest gadget on the planet, at least not while you’re sitting in a well-lit room reading this -- but it may become more valuable in your household than emergency candles and flashlights.

The Eton Axis Emergency Radio is a radio, flashlight and charger all in one. Its radio picks up AM and FM and includes a seven-band weather radio. A metal handle hides a bright LED flashlight with a red emergency flasher and the hand crank charges the device’s battery. One minute of hand-cranking will give you 15 minutes of power, but you could add three AAA batteries to power the entire device.

All this sounds fine, but certainly no reason to drop the roughly $70 asking price on an emergency radio, right? Until, that is, you get to the USB charging port. If your phone is dead, you can crank it up for a few minutes by running it on the Axis’s battery – call the friends you’ve invited to dinner and ask them to bring over a tank of propane instead of that bottle of wine. When your friends show up, everyone can sit around the Axis, tune the radio into a ’80s rock station and enjoy an entertaining night in the dark laughing at your musical tastes from 25 years ago. $70. Available in mid November at

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