Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 28, 2021
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Quick fixes for daily irritants

The SOI bag light and more

Here’s an encouraging thought: there are thousands of ordinary people out there trying to solve life’s small — but frequent! — irritants. Here are four examples; perhaps one will make life a little easier for you.

Bag light

Tired of rummaging around in your medical case, gym bag, purse, backpack and so on. Here’s a solution: a bright, motion-sensitive light that sits in there and comes on automatically when you open looking for something and goes off after you close up. Called the SOI, it measures 8.4 centometres in diameter and weighs only 48 grams. Available on, $75.

Multiple device charging station

Does your family run around the house looking for a place to recharge their phones, music players, tablets and so on? Charge Hub takes a single electrical outlet and will charge up to seven devices simultaneously. A snazzy blue light under the hockey-puck sized device makes it easy to find even in the dark. Put a couple in convenient locations and make life is easier for everyone., US$59.95.

Dirty touch screens cleaned

Thirty years ago surgeon Dr Stanley Taub invented a silicon drape to hold instruments while operating. Recently, using a similar material, he came up with a roller that easily cleans any touch screen. The iRoller is about half the width of a full-sized tablet, the device easily removes fingerprints, smudges, smears and even bacteria. Washes clean under cold water faucet. Available on, $47.

Fuzz-ball buster

Many garments — especially woolen ones — look great when they’ve just been cleaned, but soon acquire a landscape of “pills” especially in places that get the most wear. Short of picking at them individually, they’re devils to get off. Enter Gleener’s Ultimate Fuzz Remover. The simple device, about the size of a large hairbrush, has three interchangeable attachments that clean up clothes in a jiffy regardless of pill size. Available at, $20.

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