Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

December 6, 2021
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Relief for growing pains

Pull the trigger

Spring is here and that means dirt. Walkways, decks, balconies and steps are sheeted with winter grime. The clean-up tool of the season is a pressure washer that sweeps the muck away with the pull of a trigger. They come in two models, electric and gas. For the homeowner, electric units pack all the punch you need. The model that’s the envy of many neighbourhoods is the BLUE CLEAN AR383 ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER with hose reel. The sleek body — about the size of an upright vacuum cleaner — comes with a wind-in hose and electric cord to keep the unit neat. The 1900 psi it delivers is enough to handle any outdoor clean up. No yard work? Pressure units make car washing a breeze. US$175 at

Reel it in

Summer’s a'comin’ in, lawns will soon need waterin’. Dragging that hose around can be, well, a drag. And what do you do with the thing when you’re done? Throw it beside the house in a tangle and hope no one trips on the unsightly thing? How about pressing a button and having it reel automatically into a compact and attractive storage cabinet? The SUNCAST PW100 POWERWIND HOSE REEL gets excellent reviews from customers who rave about the ease of use and reliability. The battery’s rechargeable and it can store a hose up to 30 metres long. Why not go the whole hog and get a new hose as well? Sears' hoses get high ratings and make a good match for the power winder. US$125 at

Turn on the waterworks

And here’s something to put on the end of the hose. The ORBIT TRIPOD SPRINKLER has a heavy duty brass “rainbird” head that can be adjusted to cover any radius from 7 to 15 metres. You can also adjust the height from 30 centimetres to a full metre. That additional height gives it a wider spray radius — the higher it is, the bigger the radius. Gardeners who have used them for years swear by them, consistently ranking them near the top of sprinkler kingdom. At US$40, you simply can’t go wrong. Available at

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