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October 24, 2021
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Sound to make you smile

“The best sounding smart music system in the world. Period.” So says Pickering-based NAD of its new Viso 1 wireless digital music system. Quite a boast, especially from an often-modest Canadian company. The thing is, many reviewers from around the world agree.

“The best one-piece docking system I’ve ever experienced,” writes Mark Fleishmann in Home Theatre (July 2012).

“It sounds massive […] even in one our biggest listening rooms it can muster bass to humble its rivals,” states

Can these extravagant claims possibly be true? Yes they can. When we played the unit in the office, the whole staff pricked up their ears and came running. This was music jumped up to another level. Beethoven, Bartok, Beatles, Billie Holiday, Bocelli — the Viso 1 handled them all with a glorious, full, natural sound.

NAD was a late entry in the high-end music-docking category but that’s not always a bad thing. The Viso 1 has knocked the previous leader — the British-built Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin — off it’s number-one perch.

A few of the pluses in addition to the heart-stopping sound:

Easy set-up Plug it in. Slip in an iPod or iPhone and you’re good to go.
Bluetooth Sync it with any Bluetooth device, a process that takes less than a minute. Make changes remotely from anywhere in the room.
Masterful speakers Sister-company PSB developed the speakers in the first collaborative effort with NAD. The P and B stand for Paul Barton, a legend in the sound business. Here he combines a 50-watt amp driver with a 14.5-cm woofer and two 7-cm, 15-amp mid-range tweeters (twinned with NAD's best amp) to deliver a “flat frequency response from 50Hz up to 20kH± dB” — stats which cause cognoscenti jaws to drop.

On a personal note, I set up my Viso 1 in a corner of the living room and make selections on my iPad. Never heard Davis, Monk and Coltrane could sound so good. Now, I’ll need a Viso 1 next summer for the cottage…

Available in black or white. $600. Go to for retailers.

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