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October 27, 2021
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Take it for a spin

Getting there used to be half the fun, now it’s a pain in the pin feathers. I just returned from a short jaunt to the US. The flight was scheduled to leave Montreal at 7:20AM. I got up at 4:45AM and was at the airport 90 minutes before flight time. I soon found myself in a massive line at US customs.

At 6:50AM an agent got those on 7:20 departures to the head of the line. But in the hour and a half I’d spent in the airport, the weather had turned ugly. The flight was delayed. At 8:30AM, we boarded. However, de-icing would be required and there was a long line of aircraft ahead. We finally took off at 11:45AM. I’d been up for seven hours and the trip had just begun.

Not an entirely positive experience, except for one thing: I had a new piece of luggage and it was a godsend.

The Heys 4WD (think four-wheel drive) is one of a new generation of carry-on luggage that is distinguished by four wheels (rather than the usual two for a roll-aboard) and hard sides. In the Heys, the “spinner” wheels, which can rotate 360 degrees, are made in Japan.

The shell is moulded polycarbonate, the same material used in the manufacture of bullet-proof glass. The material resists dents and, should it suffer one, easily pops back to its original shape. Better yet, it’s light: the 20” (50 centimetre) model weighs in at a scant 6.3 pounds (2.85 kilograms).

The main virtue of the design is the magic of those four “spinner” wheels. The bag glides along almost as though under its own power, so it's a breeze to pull when it's heavy. And you can get it down airplane aisles without stumbling because it can roll narrow-side forward.

Better still, it doesn’t tip over — ever. That means that it stands obediently beside you in customs, at security, at the restaurant and in any other line. It’s especially handy in restrooms where it waits patiently beside urinals and glides easily into cubicles.

It’s shinny surface is easy to spot on carts at plane side and on carousels. It comes in several colours and sells for about $100. Go ahead, spoil yourself.

Available online at or in luggage shops.

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  1. On March 24, 2012, Brouillette, Lyne said:
    Interesting! That would be a nice "sample" to try before buying a whole kit...

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