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October 23, 2021
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For the love of lavatory

There’s only one thing not to love about a Toto Washlet: the price. But that hasn’t stopped the over 30 million people worldwide who’ve eagerly dropped up to US$1700 to give their bottoms the royal treatment.

If you’ve travelled to Japan, you’re familiar with the way Toto can create hygiene heaven. The company dominates the toilet market there. If you’ve never tried a Toto, just picture:

* A heated seat whose temperature you can adjust to your bottom’s preference. Two people can program their personal preferences into a wireless control.

* Toto’s latest models — the Washlet S300e and Washlet S350e — are a minimalist’s dream at a mere seven centimetres in height and fit to whatever your current sitting preference: whether your john is elongated or round-fronted.

* A built-in bidet that offers an aerated, warm-water spray with oscillating and pulsating options – this sounds frightening, but it’s, in fact, extremely refreshing.

* Adjustable water temperature and volume. No kidding.

* Soothing air-drying whose temperature you obviously can adjust. Goodbye toilet paper.

* Each time you flush, the bowl refreshes and cleans itself with a quick electrolyzed water mist. In anticipation of your return, it mists itself every eight hours. No chemicals go into this process; the water returns to its natural state within two hours.

* For top-of-the-line treatment, the Washlet S350e’s lid automatically lifts and closes. This toilet knows when you’re coming and going.

* A night-light. Sweet.

The model pictured here is the S350e; it retails for US$1700. The S300e is US$1590. For more and to find a Canadian dealer, go to

This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question.


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