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October 25, 2021
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A greener mower

Lee Valley Reel Mower

At the cutting edge?
If you consider that this push mower is light, easy to push and actually cuts and distributes your grass evenly, then, yes, it is light years more advanced than its dull, cast-iron forefathers. Not surprisingly, Lee Valley spent years perfecting their mower. The result is fairly solid and smooth considering its low price tag. Anyone at a mild-moderate fitness level could comfortably operate one.
Lawn disorder
It will cut through tall, matted grass, however branches or sticks will immediately jam the reel. This model only works in a forward motion, so if you’re in the habit of manoeuvring your mower backwards, you will get frustrated your first day out. That said, the learning curve is about a week.
Easy to be green?
Lee Valley’s Reel Mower comes in three sizes — 14”, 18” and 20”; the latter will cut virtually any type of grass. The 18”, the company’s most popular model, weighs 24 pounds and sells for $159. (800) 267-8767;

The Neuton

At the cutting edge?
The Neuton is a cordless, battery-operated mower-mulcher in one. The best part is that you just push a button to start it up — easy as that. It’s apparently as loud as a vacuum cleaner and can cut about a third of an acre (1300 square metres) per charge; and the battery must be charged overnight.
Lawn disorder
We were unable to test the Neuton, but found online reviews mixed. About half the reviewers we read raved about their mowers; the others had problems with the mower’s battery life. Some found it barely lasted a half hour. Others found their battery had died after its first winter. There were a large number of complaints about Neuton’s customer service.
Easy to be green?
Home Depot sells the Neuton 14” for $386 and the 18” for $499. If you figure in the possibility of needing a second battery at $99, you’re starting to look at a luxury mower whose battery may be problematic. That said, the battery is 95 percent recyclable. (800) 798-2921;

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