Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 19, 2021

History of Medicine

History of Medicine

Thinking outside the pox

Chickenpox and smallpox aren’t the same thing, but it took over 200 years to figure that out

Popping pills

From inhalants and injections to tinctures and tonics, all have been employed over the eons by physicians to ...

A real knockout

Medieval medicine's version of anesthesia was oftenworse than surgery itself

Touch down

Can making contact with a monarch heal scrofula or was that just a 17th-century superstition?

A fire within

Is spontaneous human combustion a myth or a supernatural medical mystery?

Doctors of the Black Death

The infamous plague doctors of the Middle Ages were a fearsome sight

Piercing The Lancet

The famous medical journal was the brainchild of a radical reformist

Amazing ambergris

Why one man’s whale poop is another’s medical gold

The quest for quinine

How mosquitoes and malaria met their match

The cult of Beethoven

From pop music to politics, the iconic composer has shaped the cultural landscape for 182 years

In the bag

McGill’s own Dr Charles Drew fought racism to create the world’s first blood bank

Body and soul

Robert Burton discussed depression in a whole new way... back in 1621

Where there's a will...

Was Dr John Bodkin Adams a fraudster, a serial killer or a darn good FM?

Stereo sound

The first stethoscope was a simple tube, but docs soon discovered that two earpieces were twice as nice

Point well taken

How the lumbar puncture came to be one of medicine’s most precious diagnostic procedures