Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

January 2010

Volume 28, Number 1

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Serious wrist action

For BlackBerry addicts The INPULSE SMARTWATCH is the stealth gadget of choice for anyone who’s ever been told ...

One Bottle

Resolving to refocus on food wines

We have a lifestyle chestnut we like to toss around that states that the good life is the ...

Travel Deals

Free Wi-Fi in NYC

New York City has permanently replaced five blocks of traffic in Times Square with 300 chairs and benches. ...

Whistler, pre- and post-Olympics

A hotel room in Whistler can still be had for a bit less than what we’ve come to ...

A Revelstoke inn at $150

Located in the heart of Revelstoke on the banks of the Columbia River is the Inn on the ...

NYC double beds from US$109

The recently renovated Hotel Belleclaire is located in a quiet residential area close to the American Museum of ...

Downtown Montreal for a petit price

One of the best price-to-quality ratios for a stay in downtown Montreal is the Meridien Versailles. It’s located ...


Shark frenzy

A globe-trotting MD shares his close encounters with this beautiful and fast-disappearing predator

Concorde glory

The iconic supersonic jetliner still makes hearts race at this Barbados museum

Raise the red lantern

From a festival of lights to dramatic dining, Taiwan’s unexpected beauty soars

Kids in tow

Three parent-tested hot spots to bring your tots, tweens and teens

Where to eat when in... Toronto

Dr Philip Baer and his wife have a romantic Italian meal — that doesn’t come from a can!

Olympic touch

A Barrie MD gears up to be the core physician for Team Canada in Vancouver

History of Medicine

Forever young

Neurology’s most noteworthy patient “died” when he was 27 though he would go on to live another 55 years


Food to fight the flu?



Fortune noodle meatball soup

Soup is the ultimate comfort food and this one is great on a cold winter day. It has ...

Pressed rice cakes

Street food has always been a big part of Chinese food culture. Even with all the spanking new ...

Seafood trio in a treasure chest

With fresh seafood like scallops, fish and shrimp, this dish might fall victim to marauding dinner guests unless ...