Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

April 2010

Volume 28, Number 4

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Welsh links

Take a swing from quirky ancient links to the new 2010 Ryder Cup course


On your bikes

In the driver’s seat Balance bikes, walking bikes, running bikes, pedal-less bikes: whatever they’re called they’re designed to ...

One Bottle

Sangiovese: the go-to weekday wine

Not enough thought is given to Wednesday Wines. While we pontificate on prized bottles reserved for special occasions, ...

Travel News

Shedding light on Caravaggio

One of the summer's blockbuster shows will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Caravaggio. His name ...

Lazy river vacations

Cruising is the hottest travel trend this year, but not the kind you likely have in mind. Instead, ...

When in Italy, walk

There are a lot of conferences in Italy this year: Villasimius is hosting the 19th Annual Meeting of ...

Da Vinci in London

Fans of the great Italian painter, inventor and architect are in for a treat in London this summer. ...

Hot Paris news

It’s official. The best baguette in Paris is made by Djibril Bodian at Montmartre’s Le Grenier à Pain ...

Travel Deals

Italian villa vacations

A farmhouse or villa vacation in the Italian countryside may be more affordable than you think. guarantees ...

Two budget museums

In Athens, the Acropolis Museum (, that three-decades-in-the-making glass wonder just down the hill from the Acropolis, features ...

Sleep like a local

The cheapest and best way to sleep in European cities is not in a hotel, but rather by ...

Long layover? Make a day of it

Everyone hates languishing for hours waiting for their next flight. How long can duty-free shopping and sudoku be ...

Europe bike-sharing programs

One of the best ways to see any city is on a bike. And it’s not just Canadian ...

Croatian coastal villa

How about a week or two in the sleepy hilltop village of Merisce in Croatia? Casa Celestina is ...

France à la française specializes in rental properties in France, though it also features some homes in Italy, Spain and Portugal. ...


The classics reinvented

Affordable alternatives to six dream vacations on the Continent

Hit the road, Jack

Follow in medieval footsteps along the ancient Camino de Santiago in northern Spain

I prescribe a trip to... Umbria

A Vancouver FM and his wife discover the joys of pedalling past medieval hill towns, olive groves and vineyards

Where to eat when in.... Westport, Ireland

An Ontario FM finds casual comfort in the unlikeliest place

What's new in Europe

10 reasons to take a twirl across the pond in 2010

History of Medicine

Stereo sound

The first stethoscope was a simple tube, but docs soon discovered that two earpieces were twice as nice


Who's more likely to gain weight?

In March, the first Learning Retreat on the Principles and Practices of Interdisciplinary Management of Obesity for Dietitians ...


Meatballs in tomato sauce (Polpette alla Napoletana)

This version of polpette (meatballs) is from Campania’s convent tradition

Meatloaf with prosciutto, scamorza and Parmesan (Polpettone)

This polpettone (meatloaf) features smoked cheese which adds a lovely depth of flavour

Spaghetti with shrimp, squid and clams (Spaghetti alla rosinella)

In this typical pasta dish from the Posillipo district of Naples, locals make the most of fresh seafood

Bread soup with cannellini beans and escarole (Zuppa di fagioli e scarola)

This hearty soup is a traditional dish from the countryside surrounding Naples.