Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

July 2010

Volume 28, Number 7

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The most spectacular hotel pools

Get wet after the conference in these sexy soakers


Conferencing made comfortable

For old-school docs Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? Consider getting your hands on a PenAgain. An ...

Travel News

X-rated in Ottawa

Without a doubt, the blockbuster show of the summer is the National Gallery's controversial Pop Life: Art in ...

Opening with a splash in Ottawa

Where do you find 25-metre-long extreme waterslides, a half-kilometre jungle river winding past a 4800-square-metre wave pool and ...

Harry Potter fans hop a broom to Florida

Muggles of the world: rejoice! You can now visit Hogwarts without traipsing all the way to England. Universal ...

Michaelangelo on the brain

While you gaze up at Michaelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, you ...

Cheap NYC theatre tickets

Discount Broadway and Off-Broadway tickets are sold at the TKTS Booth ( in Duffy Square (47th Street and ...

Travel Deals

Quiet, quaint Vancouver

The classically decorated Victorian Hotel in Gastown was built as a guesthouse in 1898. Rooms with ensuite bath ...

Philly kayak tours

If you’re in Philadelphia this summer or fall, instructors from Hidden River Outfitters offer a half-hour kayak lesson, ...

Boston brownstone from US$125

Copley Inn is on a quiet street in the Back Bay. The Boston brownstone features 20 nicely decorated ...

Two for one on the Riviera Maya

If you’re on Facebook, Ceiba del Mar — a swank resort in the quiet town of Puerto Morelos ...


The world's top conference cities

Explore the world's hottest conference destinations, as you've never seen them before

Grab a cold one

Canada's best microbreweries express our nation's terroir, from coast to thirsty coast

Celebrate Canada!

Explore your own backyard: our list of the best hotels, golf courses, wineries and so much more

Canadian wine adventures

In our fair country, it’s not enough to sip the vino. You’ve got to cycle for it, get wrapped in it or make your own


IBD: can diet make a difference?

For years, we’ve told people that diet doesn’t play a role in the development of inflammatory bowel disease ...


Stir-Fried Swiss Chard with Pine Nuts and Balsamic Butter

As it sits, cooked chard begins to release liquid which, enhanced with butter and balsamic, is delicious. This dish would be perfect with polenta or a grain pilaf to soak up the liquid, and its deep, earthy flavours would also marry particularly well with a juicy steak.

Sesame-Ginger Marinated Grilled Shiitakes

The marinating time in this recipe is short, so you can heat your grill while you’re prepping. Buy your shiitakes from a bulk bin, so that you can pick out the biggest ones. Large or medium caps are best for grilling; the little ones tend to fall through the cracks.

Heirloom Tomato, Summer Peach and Fresh Herb Gazpacho Salad

Tomatoes and peaches taste great together, with the sweetness of the peach balancing the acidity of the tomato. I call this a gazpacho salad because you can roughly purée any leftovers in a blender and chill for a delicious gazpacho.