Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

August 2010

Volume 28, Number 8

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Bump and grind

Change of pace If you've noticed the difference in taste between fresh-ground black pepper and the pre-ground powdered ...

Travel News

The Michael Jackson world tour

Got $19,000 to spare? How about 18 weeks of vacation? Why? Because STA Travel is offering a 126-day ...

Food nation: 3 fests with zest

EAT! Fraser Valley Food and Cooking Festival The Vancouver edition of this fest has been so popular they ...

Buy EARTH, for a price

It’s an armchair traveller’s dream come true — or, it would be, if it didn’t cost $6000. EARTH, ...

A gladiator’s dressing room

Rome’s Colosseum is growing. At least, the parts that are public are. Beginning this month, its highest tier ...

An amusement park that’s really special

It’s being billed as the first “ultra-accessible” family fun park in the world and it might very well ...

Travel Deals

1 day left for Air Canada seat sale!

If you've been considering planning a trip this fall, now is the time to book. Air Canada has ...

50% off at Calgary’s Calaway Park

Calaway Park, Western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park, has 34 rides, 25 skill-testing games, live entertainment and ...

Two nights free in Puerto Rico

Stay five nights, pay for three. If you’re planning to be on the Isle of Enchantment this fall, ...

Explore the Portuguese mountains

The Serra da Estrela is often called Portugal's answer to the Pyrenees. Given that many Lisbon and Porto ...

50% off Arctic cruise

The Great Canadian Travel Company is offering the M/S Expedition’s nine-day Realm of the Polar Bear cruise around ...

When in Bern, visit Binn

Though two and a half hours from Bern, the small alpine town of Binn (population 147) is everything ...


A taste of Paris

Eat like a local at seven bistros that put a modern twist on Old-World classics

Colorado by car

From sand dunes and ancient pueblos to Rocky Mountain vistas, this state is road-trip heaven

Northern sights

Around Yellowknife, the fall delivers impressive aurora watching without the cold and snow

Barefoot beauty

Despite its reputation as a presidential playground, Martha's Vineyard is all about simple pleasures

The fast and the furious

The nation’s river guides tackle these frothing currents like concert maestros. You can have the best seat in the house

Where to eat when in.... Udaipur, India

A Montreal FM assembles a United Nations of travellers at a lakeside restaurant in Rajasthan

Great escapes

20 amazing outdoor adventures in Canada — whether you paddle, hike, cycle, gallop or dive

Afloat in Amsterdam

Unlock the city's charms by living like a local on a houseboat


Herbs and spice and everything… nauseous?

While herbs and spices generally do confer health benefits, they can cause problems. People can have an adverse ...


Shrimp cakes with ginger and cilantro

These spicy shrimp cakes take a little time to form and fry, but it’s worth the effort. You can cut corners by buying peeled and deveined frozen shrimp, and prepare ahead by forming the cakes and refrigerating them overnight, then frying the next day.

Shrikhand with yogurt cheese, saffron and pistachios

Shrikhand is one of those rare desserts that’s not only yummy, but virtually guilt free. The only fat here comes from the whole-milk yogurt. You could also use low-fat yogurt, but it yields less yogurt cheese and you will have to adjust the sugar accordingly.

Chickpea curry with fresh dill leaves

This recipe traditionally uses a split and skinned Indian chickpea called chana dal, but canned chickpeas work just as well. Also it uses dill leaves in the typical Indian style: as a vegetable, rather than an herb.