Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

November 2011

Volume 29, Number 11

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Ski brief

Surf's up? The buzz this year is all about Salomon's BBR -- a ski with a wide surf-board-like ...

One Bottle

Season's sippings

Five knockout Canadian wines that are sure to sparkle at your holiday get-togethers

Travel News

California’s art history

Southern California’s Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980 is a massive, six-month-long art initiative that tells the ...

For kids only

Lonely Planet’s new “Cool-Stuff-to-Know” series is “Not-for-Parents,” unless, that is, you like answering questions like “Would you want ...

A company by any other name…

If Bruce Poon Tip could see into the future, he probably would’ve named his business something else. The ...

Everything but the kitchen sink

London’s Heathrow Airport now includes 12 completely-private, single- and bunk-bed rooms that can be accessed by any passenger ...

Seeing stars in Portugal

Only Michelin-starred chefs participate in Portugal’s annual International Gourmet Festival. Thirty-three will make mouths water January 12 to ...

A musical homecoming

Turns out The Sound of Music isn’t one of Salzburg’s “Favourite Things.” The 1959 hit musical that helped ...

High on skiing

One of the Porter higher ups must love to ski. The five-year-old Canadian airline is launching seasonal service ...

Quebec’s Massif new train

If Cirque du Soleil is any indication, Quebec City’s new Le Massif de Charlevoix train will not disappoint. ...

Travel Deals

Honduras golf package

The Resort and Spa at Pristine Bay in Roatan has a Golf in Paradise package for four nights ...

Orlando’s deals for Canadians

Visit Orlando has once again launched its Made for Canadians packages to lure more Canucks to the Sunshine ...

Budget Brooklyn beds

3B is a four-room B&B in downtown Brooklyn opened this year by a small collective who live downstairs. ...

San Fran’s Crescent at US$129

San Francisco’s Crescent Hotel near Union Square has a deal for rooms starting at US$129 a night depending ...

Aqua Five-O Waikiki

Stay three nights at one of 12 Waikiki Aqua Hotels and pay US$50 the first night. The other ...

Eco-friendly Mexico City?

If you’re ever in the need of a place to sleep in Mexico City — one of the ...


South by Southeast

20 tips to travel through Asia's most exotic tropical countries with ease

Dutch treat

Once an oxymoron, Netherlands cuisine is getting redefined by a new generation of talented chefs

Putt it here

Four European spots where you'd least expect fabulous golf and are guaranteed to find it

Classic Cuba

Venture outside the resorts for some authentic R&R in Old Havana

I prescribe a trip to... Bali

An FP takes a milestone birthday trip and sees Indonesia through his teens' eyes

The garden at the end of the world

Tropical Tonga is home to one man's encyclopedic passion for plants

Lighten up

Travel gifts worth their weight in gold

Empire Atlantis

The Bahamas' most over-the-top resort offers serious entertainment options, from the glamourous to the family friendly

Where to eat When in... Montreal

Do you know that most people with severe food allergies never eat out? That some children have never ...


Minerals: not just about sodium

We always hear that too much sodium leads to heart disease. New research suggests that other trace elements ...


Short pastry filled with dates and nuts (Klaicha)

Klaicha is the sign of Eid. On the first day of Eid al-fitr and Eid al-adha, klaicha is ...

Rice with carrots (Timmen jizar)

2 c. (500 ml) rice, washed and drained 1 lb. (500 g) ground meat 1 large onion, chopped ...

Dolma from Baghdad (Dolma Baghdadia)

For the stuffing 1 lb. (500 g) ground meat 1-1½ c. (250-375 ml) rice a small bunch of ...