Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

December 2011

Volume 29, Number 12

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Boot up

What could be better than winter boots that gently warm your clammy, cold feet like an electric blanket? ...

Travel News

Go towards the light

If you’re in Canada’s or Europe’s north this winter — we’re talking the Yukon, the Northwest Territories or ...

High on luxury

Santa doesn’t exist, but Donald Trump does and he’s coming to town. Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto ...

Build it and they will come

What does an almost $100 million museum reno get you? Well, if you’re Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum of ...

A marketing wonder?

The New7Wonders of Nature were announced on 11/11/11, but the competition has been in the news for a ...

Does your airline like kids?

An airline for families might be the only way travelling moms, dads and kids will get any, (read ...

Travel Deals

Just the lift

If you’re looking for just lift tickets, start with and, which have prices comparable to what ...

Hip Berlin

The 44-room Sir F.K. Savigny in the west Berlin Charlottenburg neighbourhood offers a swank interior at a bargain ...

Discounts to learn to ski or snowboard

Ski Canada’s Discover Skiing and Snowboarding packages (called Iniski and Inisurfs in Quebec) are for beginners or to ...

A trustworthy car rental

According to the global marketing information company J.D. Power and Associates, ACE is the world’s top car rental ...

Great Athens location

The 10-room Magna Grecia in Athens bills itself as a boutique hotel — the ceilings in the 19th-century ...

Tel Aviv bike rentals

The most affordable and easygoing way to see Tel Aviv is on two wheels. After all, the city ...


DIY publishing

You don't need to be a pro to print your own gorgeous coffee-table book

An FP and his wife meet their Iron Chef idol

Where to eat in NYC

The Anguilla angle

What does this Caribbean pearl have that others don't? Seclusion, exclusivity and loads of soft adventure

Where to go next

Been there, done that? Here are five new destinations that should be on your list for 2012

Swinging in Los Cabos

Mexico's Baja Peninsula has more PGA-worthy courses than you can shake a stick at

Winter wonderland

If you think Canada's national parks are showstoppers in the summer, you should see them in the snow

Earn your turns

No chair lift? No problem. Climbing is part of the thrill on a ski touring adventure in BC

Arctic challenge

Could you tackle the North Pole? A training program in Iqaluit will give you the skills

History of Medicine

A fire within

Is spontaneous human combustion a myth or a supernatural medical mystery?


Let’s get moderate

The expression “eat moderately” may seem open to interpretation. It’s not. It’s a specific guideline meaning to eat ...


Meat-filled griddle pasties (saç börek)

Börek is literally defined as “flaky pastry pie.” It’s actually an umbrella name for a myriad of savoury ...

Green tea cake

Powdered green tea, or matcha (the tea used for the Japanese tea ceremony), makes an excellent flavouring for ...

Azorean spice cake (Boll de mel)

This spice cake is a Guyanese-Portuguese holiday specialty. It’s the kind of cake that defies categorization and usually ...

Aniseed bread

On Guyana’s plantation at Skeldon, most families usually ate homemade breads and cakes, but sometimes the baker’s boy ...